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International Conference on Ecohydrology (ICE)
in Conjunction with the 22nd Meeting of IHP Regional Steering Committee (RSC) for South Asia and Pacific 2014
November 10 - 12, 2014, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
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“Ecohydrology Approaches Facing The Global Water Environment Challenges”
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In Conjunction with the 22nd Meeting of  International Hydrological Programme (IHP) Regional Steering Committee (RSC) for Southeast Asia and the Pacific

“Ecohydrology Approaches Facing the Global Water Environment Challenges”

Global water environment has deteriorated and there has been significant loss of biodiversities worldwide, which severely impacts global ecosystems. Such trends provide ample evidence that conventional approaches to water resources management (based on the application of engineering techniques, sectoral interventions, and the elimination of such direct threats as point source pollution) are no longer sufficient to stem the tide of the water crisis. Ecohydrology aims to find solutions that, rather than focusing exclusively on technical issues, better respond to sustainable water resource policies and promote social development.

Ecohydrology is a new integrative science that involves finding solutions to issues surrounding water, people, and the environment. One of the fundamental concepts involved in ecohydrology is that the timing and availability of freshwater is intimately linked to ecosystem processes, and the goods and services provided by freshwaters to societies. This means that emphasis is placed on the hydrological cycle and its effects on ecological processes and human well-being.

The objectives of the proposed International Conference on Ecohydrology (ICE) 2014 on November 10 - 12, 2014 are to synthesize information and knowledge gaps for addressing issues related to critical water environment systems; how the ecohydrology and ecotechnology could provide low cost environmentally sound technology for sustainable water management, especially in the Asia Pacific region. The past experiences and on-going projects related to terrestrial ecosystems processes, water issues in landscapes,rivers, floodplains, wetlands, reservoirs, coastal and urban areas will be discussed in the Conference.

Due to many requests, the organizing committee has extended due date of the abstracts submission for the International Conference on Ecohydrology in Yogyakarta to October 5, 2014 (Closed).

We are looking forward to receiving your abstracts, thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
Organizing committee


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